Ezzy and Associates offer a range of assurance services including annual auditing of financial statements and 401(k) Plans. Our assurance services allow our clients to be confident that the information they share is accurate and reliable, thereby reducing information risk.  Third parties using documents attested by Ezzy and Associates can be sure that they are free from falsifications and are true and transparent as well as compliant with GAAP/GAAS standards.

Our team of auditors have many years of experience and are specialists in scrutinizing the  very fine details to ensure all audits are in order. 

401(k) Plan Audit

According to Section 103 of the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), an employee benefit plan must be reviewed by a third party when that plan has more than 100 participants on the first day of the plan year, or 120 participants if the plan has never been audited.

Accounting Services

Auditing Services

Our auditing services take a customized approach to client audit requirements, considering a client’s unique business structures and operations, the industry our clients operate within, the challenges and risks faced, and the long-term business goals and objectives.

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Miscellaneous Financial Compilations

Many small single-owner and home-based businesses struggle to prepare their financial data and records in an acceptable format for ease of reference by accountants, tax consultants, and other financial professionals.

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Financial Review Services

Our financial review services are specifically geared to facilitate small and medium-sized businesses to obtain cost-effective services